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"New Militia" reveals the energetic vibrant sound of the re-invented Blasted

"New Militia", the most recent film-concept album by Blasted, is the result of a re-birthing process, experienced by the band with a career spanning 25 years.

Like life after death, the first breath of a new era was given oxygen by producer and mastermind Emerson Ferreira of Redmojo. It took almost 3 years of 'mindset' and structural changing for his vision for the music and art to come to fruition. It was on the road that the producer had the epiphany of making a live soundtrack for a music film, in this case, a festival, Nos Alive.

With the help of producers Stego, Bruno Mota, Filipe Survival and Diogo Guerra as well as artists Riic Wolf (vocals/lyrics), Guitshu (vocals/synth/sampler), Valdjiu (guitars/ribbon), Ary (bass/synth), and Fred Stone (drums) they managed to find a path, a sound and a direction that combined perfectly with the identity of the band, more than in any other occasion of the band's past. They finally wore the "right clothes" in a hard but inspiring process.

With the maturity of the project comes a sense of 'more to give'. A blend of maturity with intense energy brought together by young producers with little more than 22 years of age resulted in this renovated Blasted and a new force - "New Militia".

The vocalist/artist Riic Wolf, who the band met in a songwriting session at Redmojo studios, brought a whole new dimension to the act. The 'frontman' blasted always dreamed of having, someone who not only performs live but is a great writer - in studio sessions for the band he seemed to instantly connect to the universe of music and poetry with many of the words and melodies we hear today being created at the moment on the first take! - and who at the same time when placed on stage is an unbelievable force of nature. He is someone who understood perfectly the band's energy and knows how to position himself on stage with positive messages and a great voice.

For the rest of the band, this was an opportunity to be musicians once again, with each member focusing on their strong points. Using the philosophy 'less is more' they were each dedicated to their creative segment. Creating powerful riffs is Valdjiu's gift whereas sound design with analogic synths was Ary's natural habitat. Guitshu was left in charge of synth/sample/production duties focusing more on instruments than vocals and Fred was born to demonstrate his unbeatable power on the drums.

Blasted consider Paulo Prazeres from Droid ID and director of the video "New Militia", one of the last true 'Jedi's' of the art left in Portugal, someone with an unusual and seldom seen capacity for work. Actually, for the band, all members of the Droid team are indispensable - from the cameramen to the editors and graphic designers, the level is top. In the end, just like Blasted and Redmojo, a team that breathes competence, creativity, and professionalism.

"Rebirth", the first track of the video "New Militia", marks the new beginning of the journey and power behind Blasted with the band left speechless by Stego's production.

Until what point do we all consider ourselves 'Digital Warriors', using the power of social media to express our thoughts and change the world? This is the question brought up by the track "Warrior", produced by Filipe Survival.

"Start to Move" , from the 09' version by producer Paranormal Attack, a party anthem that took Blasted around the world, and "Atom Bride", from 98' created by Valdjiu - and one of the bands first successe's continues to hold up strong follow in the lineup, special songs that transcend decades, audiences and generations.

Starting with a vigorous 'riff', "Awaken" creates a musical force based on Portuguese roots, on which the theme of building cultural dividing walls is debated. The title track "New Militia" invites people to participate in a sort of new way of manifestation and cultural regeneration whereas "Poison" alerts to the addictions of social media with the consequent poisoning of human culture through, for example, the so-called 'fake news'.

In a culturally competitive era like the one we live in, we can't let anything or anyone bring us down. Much the opposite, we should question at which point do we truly feel alive in our monotonous daily routines. That's the message very present in "Do You Feel Alive?". In the 9th and final entry of the tracks on the video "Black Gold" is presented, with obvious references to the war on pollution that affects our planet, touching on the dominant economic system barely worried about the ecological effects on society by their actions.

Words that are dear to the band's ethos and morals - especially Valdjiu who 10 years ago started a permaculture & sustainability school which educates around 100 students per year. It also Co-Founded a Waldorf School for kids based on the ecological mantra of "we are the change we want to see in the World".

Blasted are demonstrating that they are ready to tour the world and deliver a project based on high octane energy and celebration. A band with an incredible power live with the ambition of sharing all that energy with those willing to take part in their journey.

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